Northwood Middle School

JLine Dance Crew Brings Message of Good Choices and Positive Attitudes to NWMS

Northwood students in the Rachel's Challenge group worked hard to earn the funds to sponsor a  very special program, and they weren't disappointed when the day finally arrived to see the fruit of their labor.  JLine Dance Crew performed for the entire school at a special assembly on October 17.  JLine is a troupe from New York City whose message focuses on making good choices, self-esteem and cultivating a positive atmosphere for everyone at school, and in the community.

The performance of dynamic music and hip-hop style dance entertained the students while enforcing extremely important messages about behavior, good choices, kindness and anti-bullying.  Lead dancer/singer JLine and two back-up dancers interspersed their performance with messages of kindness and anti-bully behavior, and shared stories of their own lives and experiences in school.  For a sample of the JLine Dance Crew performance, see the link below.

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